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If you are a renter facing eviction, please call (423)710-9432 for help.

Mayor Kelly’s One Chattanooga strategic plan includes the goal of ensuring accessible housing choices for all Chattanoogans. As a priority within this goal, the Kelly Administration will support both tenants and housing providers with housing security and eviction prevention resources.


As the first actionable step towards this key priority, the City of Chattanooga partnered with nonprofit agencies and allocated a portion of American Rescue Plan funding for the prevention of evictions and reduction of homelessness in Chattanooga.

The Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga (CFGC) is a nonprofit organization committed to the vision of a vibrant community where everyone has the resources, opportunities, and relationships needed to achieve their full potential and thrive regardless of place, race or identity.


Together with community and partners, CFGC transforms generosity into lasting change toward a prosperous and just Chattanooga where all can thrive and achieve their full potential.


In 2021, CFGC developed a cross-collaborative partnership with local nonprofits, the City of Chattanooga, and private consultants designed to prevent evictions and support housing stability in Chattanooga.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Chattanooga Area, Inc. is an ecumenical Christian nonprofit housing organization working in partnership with God’s people in need to build simple, decent, and affordable homes. Recently, the organization added a full-time social worker focused on promoting housing stability for local households.

LAET provides high-quality legal services free of charge for qualifying individuals needing assistance with civil legal matters, such as housing access and stability. LAET currently has two full-time attorneys dedicated to preventing evictions and promoting housing stability in Hamilton County.

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The mission of the Footprint Foundation is to foster meaningful and inclusive connections to our communities. Footprint strives to enrich learning, honor the natural environment, address social justice, and build a creative culture. The Foundation's vision is to make our communities a thriving place for all.


The Chattanooga Regional Homeless Coalition strives to lead the community in making homelessness rare, brief, and nonrecurring.  The Coalition exists to lead, coordinate, and strengthen efforts to prevent and end homelessness throughout Southeast Tennessee.

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